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Wed, Aug. 25th, 2004, 11:19 pm
divideby0: Cyberpunkesque game style sheet

Economy driven setting, constant feel of needing to run and grab lest you be eroded.
Scene based game, utilizing specific settings for most of the same game, different sub-events held elsewhere, other times.

Character distinctions
Class, Glorp association, Job/Downtime activity; Primary type (Physical/Mental/Social), Skills, Items, Contacts, Augmentations, Reputation

Largely used as a place to surreptitiously exchange information, the infodive has a somewhat harsh cover charge. This price is picked up by the "host" of anyone coming to apply for a run. Hosts don't take kindly to leeches, or people who shouldn't be bothering to put in for a run they can't handle.
Expected activities for players: try for a run, practice a skill, get info, sell/trade info, make contacts, blackmarket trade, recruit for a run, narc, bounty hunting, bartend, counterfeit, moneylend, sell identities, sell software, private eye, gamble, slum, seek augmentations.

Potential runs will be made available to players whose characters have access to that info through contacts. Most characters will be expected to show up with a specific run in mind, to get in the door. Passwords will probably be used to manage this ICly. Runs may be for single runners, teams, or even competitive bounty style runs where multiple runners will compete, only the quickest will get the pay. Runs will by and large be held between Infodive games.The date they will take place will be given so the player can make the choice to pursue it or not due to RL time restrictions.

Between Games
Depending on selections made at PC generation, and action taken during game, certain events can be expected between games. Most signifacantly the character's occupation and class will determine how much time they have to squander on pursuing other ends (skills) and how much cred they gain/lose between games. There will be a basic upkeep system for items, accounts, lifestyle, etc. Chances are players cannot count on making any money between games, or spending honest cash on toys (due to it being in FedCred, and therefore tracked through a citizen ID # account.) Some cost will be randomized, for a pool of random events that may occur.

Skills that don't get used reduce in points! The mechanics for this will be a bit more complex, but the general feel of the game is dog eat dog- either you're rising or sinking. Inaction yeilds your character to the hungry force of decay. This is part of the reason for downtime roles, to keep the character busy. Characters should be coming to the scene looking for something, and they better find it any way they can, lest they be left behind by the rising tide.

XP and RP
Experience will be awarded for writeups describing what they did to deserve it. New skills and skill point increases will depend on actual usage IN GAME. Roleplay, or assistance, that helps improve the setting and atmosphere of the game will be rewarded with a reduction to downtime costs (PCs are PAID for PLAYER actions.)

Costuming is required. If we can't see it, it doesn't exist. The few exceptions will be weapon standins, depending on the Real-Life stage. This means real (or real enough looking) equipment. Now, much can be mod'ed and rebuilt, but this does require ST OK. A detailed costuming guide will be provided. If you don't want to play, and it IS part of the play, DON'T COME.