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Mon, Aug. 23rd, 2004, 10:40 am
starlaiste: Note Sent to divideby0 to get this thang going again:

Divideby0! Guess what? I had the coolest conversation with a game designer on the plane on the way back from GenCon. I hope it's o.k. but I told him about Krunchy. He said it sounded really really cool. I couldn't really explain the mechanic, but I told him about ESL, and the teenage settings. He thought they sounded incredibly cool and if you are interested he'd be interested in taking a look at what you've got written up (I thought maybe the PDFs you sent me?). Also I told him about Rocks and I thought maybe you and I could work on the rules a little bit together and then either distribute the rules free online, or put together a box of rocks with the rules printed on the top to sell (or both). Which brings me to the third thing let's get moving with Nobody's Business. (I know I have been lax on my end of things due to school, and laziness, but going to GenCon reminded me that we both have some damn cool ideas (Ynfytyn too) and we should get them out there). They indie world of game design is growing, and as long as our expectation is not to make a bazillion dollars we could have a lot of fun and get our games to the kind of people who would enjoy playing them. I had the following thoughts:

Website, 1 page for each game designer, each page could have a separate paypal button/account attached, or free downloads (whatever the designer wants).

Booth at a con? Sharing with other companies, etc.

What do you think? We like the coolest things !